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Meet the artist behind Paper Praises

My passion is to create art that reminds you of God's Love and Goodness

Hi, I am Katie Harley, a hand letterer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who is the artist behind Paper Praises. Several years ago God placed the name "paper praises" on my heart in reference to my practice of writing scripture on paper during my daily bible reading. That practice helped me to learn God's word and remember it better. Eventually I hand lettered the scriptures using fancy pens and paints and added designs. I would post these creations around my home. I figured that displaying God's Word where I could see it would help me to remember and focus on His promises.

Words Have Power - the power to uplift or the power to tear down.

In our world we are bombarded with so many messages and words from sources other than God and I have often fallen prey to negative thinking contrary to God's truth. Because I am a visual person displaying scripture in my home helps me to keep God's Word front and center in my thoughts. That is why I started the "Paper Praises" store because I wanted to share God's Word in a beautiful way with other people who may also need reminded of God's Truth.

My Process

My favorite tools to letter with are a paint brush and watercolor paint but I also love playing around with pens, chalk and acrylics. Everything is done free hand, no stencils. Each piece of art is hand made in my home in Oakmont, Pennsylvania. All prints are made in the USA. 

Art featuring scripture makes a great gift for anyone you would like to encourage or bless with God's truth. 

Thank you so much for visiting this site and supporting my small hand made business.  If you have any questions please contact me.

If you are interested in a custom order, collaborating or in wholesale ordering please contact me at

God Bless,

Katie Harley